WWTP Shumen

Client: Shumen Municipality
Funding by: Shumen Municipality
Term: 1998–2002
Terms of Contract: Design, Designer Supervision
Project Background:
At the time the town of Shumen was not equipped with a treatment plant. The waste water from the city was discharged into Poroyna River, a tributary of Kamchia River, and created a major environmental problem.The project was launched in 1994. It was decided to implement the project in two stages – a mechanical stage with a sludge dewatering unit and a subsequent biological stage.The first stage began with the conclusion of a general supply of equipment contract between Shumen Municipality and PASSAVANT – WERKE – Germany.
BORA was engaged to elaborate a working design of the WWTP for a population equivalent of 160,000.
Project Activities:
BORA elaborated working designs for all parts of the project and performed designer supervision during the construction works. Its experts aligned the technical documentation of the equipment with the Bulgarian standards and provided technical support for Shumen Municipality for the overall coordination of the project.

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